What’s in a Name?

Stardate: 11144.8

What’s in a name? Well, it depends. When you stop and think about it, a name is one of the most durable – not to mention, cost-effective – gifts that a parent can give to their children.  And in my case, this gift was particularly valuable, as it’s meaning “noble and generous” helped me with various decisions in life.  At any crossroad, I simply had to ask myself, what would be the noble or generous thing to do!  Yep, my parents were simply genius in their approach to naming!!

So, obviously, when it came time to pick names for our darling twin boys, Henna and I paid particular attention to the meaning, philosophy, and attributes around the names.  Oh, and Henna loves long names, so the names had to be substantial!  ;-D  We sifted through history, philosophy, and mythology texts to divine names that drew upon our heritage to reflect (a) a celebrated friendship, (b) a unifying message for humanity, and (c) have a certain “muchness” about them!

Our quest for celebrated friendships began with that of Prophet Mohammed and Hazrat Ali, followed by various esoteric parallels such as Prophet Moses (Musa) and Aaron (Harun) in Judaism and further on to the primordial souls of the Creator – Guru Brahma – and the Sustainer – Bhagwan Vishnu from the Vedic scriptures. It would be appropriate to mention at this point that Bhagwan Kishan (or Krishna) is an avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu.  With these as anchors, we reached out across cultural frontiers to identify their second names (did I mention Henna loves long names?) to complete the message of cross-frontier unity.  The result:

Brahma Mubarak and Khidr Kishan!

While the arabic word Mubarak has no direct translation in the English language, it can be described as infinite blessings in, both, the spiritual and temporal realms. And Khidr, with his timeless knowledge and wisdom, is the mythical teacher of the Prophets in the Abrahamic traditions!

So, what’s in a name?  Well, for our darling twin princes: the souls of the Creator and Sustainer coupled with infinite wisdom and blessings to serve and unite humanity!

*Key: [BRuh-Mah,  Moo-BahRuhK]   and   [KHi-Der,  Ki-SHuhN]