Zervan Paused

Stardate: 11011.0

While we can move from point to point in space, why does it appear that we can only travel one-way in time? Is there an arrow of time, or can we travel back in time as well? The laws of physics do not prohibit the uncracking of an egg, however, observing this in practice is limited to experiments with apparatus capable of playing videos in reverse!  Perhaps, we are going about this all (forgive the expression) backwards.  Maybe, there is no arrow of time but an arrow of experience.  Take the uncracking egg for instance, even if we were able to successfully conduct that experiment, it would be a series of events culminating into the reformation of the egg.  Again an arrow moving forward from a state of high-entropy into one of lower-entropy – the direction remaining forward nonetheless!  So, maybe we can travel back and forth and sideways in time, however, our capacity to experience events is limited and constrains us to this forward facing arrow.  So, that’s the first point: there is ONLY a perceived arrow of time resulting from the arrow of experience.

Here is another mind-bender for you to consider should you have the time.  Einstein stopped at a 4-dimensional universe; 3 dimensions of space and 1 of time.  Subsequently, other theories (specifically, string theory) have proposed additional space dimensions – as many as 7 additional dimensions (at least in stable representations).  But, what I’m more interested in is additional dimensions in time.  What if time as we know it was simply one dimension of a 3D time?  For ease in visualization, let’s use familiar Euclidean notations to describe points in this 3D time; ( tx tk tz ). Where tx represents our familiar notion of time; the arrow of experience based time. So far, so good? For a second (like that means anything) don’t worry about what tk and tz represent – we will get to that later.

Now, hold up a piece of paper in your hand so that you can see full sheet with the bottom edge of the paper at eye-level. Next, rotate it so that the top edge of the paper moves away from you. At some point, instead of seeing the whole sheet, all you will see is a line. Apply this same logic to the temporal plan txtk. The angle at which our faculties can experience the plane txtk is so constrained that we can only perceive a flattened forward-only straight arrow of time! Now, imagine a whole stack of paper – infinitely tall – and you come face-to-face with Zervan!

More elaboration on tk (karma) and tz (Zervan) in a later post!


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