Stardate 11008.3

No, not the musical group from the 80s but the highly efficient little organ inside us that keeps the red stuff enriched and flowing.  From my basic understanding, our heart is made up of four chambers (and Salima http://www.linkedin.com/pub/salima-mulji/14/a3/59a keep me honest here please).  Each apparently routing the blood stream in a different direction; to a different destination.  Viewed in isolation, these chambers seem to be working in a completely disjointed manner, however, when seen together: precision and singular focus.  Amazing!

In our discussions today at the National EPB/IPN meeting, I couldn’t help but be drawn to this image.  Farid (Business Services), Taj (ESS), Saleemah (Financial Services) and I (IPN) have different mandates, different target demographics, and we each (using Chairman Amin’s words) bring a different lens to the discussion.  And while individually, each one of us may have appeared to be moving in different directions – completely opposite at times – in reality, we were enriching ideas by making them flow in different directions, holding them to different standards and scrutiny, ultimately polishing and enhancing them to the point where they were ready to bring life to our programs and services for 2010.  Amazing indeed!!

Who would’ve thought that the *Economic* Planning Board is all heart!!! 😀


One comment on “heart

  1. Saleemah says:

    So that’s what we were doing yesterday! Thanks for the perspective…if there’s no heart, there’s no point.

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