Stardate: 11005.8

Not totally sure of the first few minutes, but here is how the story goes, a massive explosion happens sometime in the past.  What is the “past” anyway?  Well, that’s a topic for another day.  Getting back to our story.  There is debris all over – the explosion is so massive, it is still happening.  Debris hurtling in all directions at dizzying speeds.  Some pieces are still white-hot, others have cooled some, and yet others are down-right cold.  The accidental star – well, star dust – of this story is a giant somewhat-egg-shaped blue ball still with a fiery core that is fiercely racing, more like rolling, through space.  This third rock from the sun that we call Earth.  Now, why would this seemingly invincible giant blue ball – resulting from a cosmic explosion – need our protection?  Can it really be fragile in some sense?

No matter which side of the fence you sit on, one thing is for sure the Clean and Renewable Energy sector is here to stay.  And the possibilities are green in more than one sense!  Which is why for one of the sessions at the upcoming Regional Ismaili Professional and Business Conference (RIPBC) in Dallas, IPN is putting together an expert panel to discuss this extremely important and rapidly emerging sector of the economy.  Our goal from an IPN perspective for this session was to cast a net 10 years out in the future to identify new knowledge areas (nKA).  The next step was to zoom in on the nKAs with the greatest potential for sizeable socio-economic impact in relatively short order.  Another factor to bear in mind was the location of the RIPBC; the nKA would have to be relevant.  No surprise then that energy – green energy – kept bubbling up to the top in our discussions.  We sealed the deal when Shajahan, HS for AKEPB USA, proposed Shafiq Jadavji as the lead for this initiative.  Shafiq is an incredibly sharp individual with a strong grasp of this sector.  The scope and format of this panel has pretty much been his brainchild.

So, is green energy the next big thing?  A springboard for investment and engagement?  Or a pothole?  Well, having had subsequent discussions with the panelists, I am  sure that attendees will get a running start on ideas for re-greening the planet and their wallets!  ;-D

Back to the earlier question of protecting our planet.  Ignoring the harm we are causing our environment is like failing to notice that the branch we are cutting – yep the branch way on top of the tree with a great view and fresh air quality – is the very branch on which we are sitting.  Here’s to protecting this big blue ball we call home!  😀


2 comments on “C-a-R-E

  1. Jennifer says:

    No matter your belief on this subject, we can all do a little more to protect the earth in which we live! At a minimum, recycling is an easy way to contribute. It makes me feel better!

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