The Outliers

Stardate: 11005.0

Back in Birmingham after an action-packed weekend in Orlando (Florida).  Considering weather conditions and the anticipation of heightened security (read: longer slower lines), I rushed to the airport an hour and a half before my flight on Saturday – only to find out my flight was delayed by about 40 minutes.  The connecting flight, to make matters more exciting I guess, was not.  I had 4 minutes (what’s new).  My flight from Birmingham, brought me to a gate in terminal D while my connecting flight was impatiently preparing to leave from terminal A!  Less than a minute left and I am about 10 gates away – I can almost see it… but will I make it in time?

Made it!  Not because of an incredible feat of agility or a remarkable dimple in space-time.  When I got to the gate, I realized that the connecting flight was delayed after all; by about 15 minutes at that!  So much for an edge-of-the-seat-drama.

HS and I travelled to FL this weekend to join the FL IPN team host an ICS program geared toward placement preparation.  I loved the format of the program – it was very content-focused but not intimidating.  We had super-star panelists and an equally candid and no-nonsense moderator.  The panelists each had over a decade of HR experience in diverse vertical industries.  And they were not shy in the least in sharing their expert opinion and advice.  There was even time for some one-on-one resume review.  The goal of this workshop was to empower attending IPN members with the tools to give them a competitive advantage in realizing their career goals.  Even in this economy.  Especially in this economy.  Based on HS and my observations and early evaluations, the program was very well received and we anticipate that, it will be followed by focused action by the attendees leading to some exciting positive outcomes in terms of placements in the short-run and top-performing IPs in the long-run 😀

Both HS and I were extremely pleased by the thorough planning and impeccable implementation by FL IPN and EPB; for you, we have one word: Bravo (pun intended)!!!  Another aspect that was most inspiring – one that is very dear to my heart – was the effective collaboration between the institutions.  Many kudos to the AKYSB and AKEB for their remarkable partnership in this endeavor.  IMO, it is this kind of collaboration between institutions that will help us make quantum leaps.  The era of going at it alone is history; now is the age of coming together.

PS fringe benefits of volunteering: Although this seminar was designed for people exploring opportunities to advance their careers, I learnt a great deal from these panelists about managing our hiring process and overall HR management to bring back to elixir international!  😀


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