Stardate: 11001.7

In 5 days, I will be crossing a significant milestone – the mid-point of my first year as Chairperson, IPN USA.  On our “State of IPN” call earlier today with IPN leaders from around the country, I felt a great sense of satisfaction and pride (the good kind) as I heard each IPN Chair report on the various accomplishments and on projects that are underway in their respective jurisdictions.  Needless to explicitly mention it but, the IPN Career Services (ICS) Tower continues to dominate the motif – given the current employment scenario – for many of these projects.  Overall the meeting was very inspiring as I could “see” the developments across then nation and also draw from the dedication and wisdom of my colleagues.  This here is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role, I get to work with the very best.  I am continuously surrounded by people who excel – yet remain humble and approachable – in their respective fields of endeavor thereby widening my horizons with knowledge that I would have needed months of formal training to acquire – talk about fringe benefits!

Stardate: 11003.0

Midpoint Mubarak!  Midpoints can be most inspiring, most intimidating, or sometimes both!!  I guess that is simply the nature of a midpoint; they are just as much a reflection of the past as they are a roadmap (and timeline) for the future!  We have come a long way over the last six months particularly in the areas of organizational development and capacity.  Here is a 3D visual in words:

  • On the horizontal plane, IPN USA comprises of seven regions; NE, SE, FL, MW, NT, SW, and W
  • Four Towers (plus Marketing) in the vertical plane; ICS, ILS, IOS, and IEP

And as of October 18, 2009, we officially have a global dimension!  Spanning the globe with the establishment of the Global IPN Forum (or GIF) with six participating nations: USA, Canada, UAE, India, Pakistan, ANZ (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea).


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