Mad hatter

Stardate: 11001.4

Is it just me or does the must-learn space expand exponentially and almost immediately with respect to one’s current knowledge base?  It seems as though the more I learn, the more I discover is out there to master.  Reminds me of the limitations to approaching light-speed captured by the famous E = mc2 relationship; yet another naturally occurring asymptote perhaps programmed in existence to avoid the God-complex!

Why this train of thought?  I guess it began with a call earlier today discussing various upgrades to our software platforms and the new technologies on the horizon.  Specifically, we were discussing strategic initiatives that must be incorporated in our technology roadmap.  Now, any such discussion that is void of resulting implications to the end-users and their line of business is dangerously myopic.  So, that lead us down the path of trying to divine the evolution of various industries and segments including healthcare, utilities, field-service, distribution, and so on.  And then to anticipate their technology needs and the optimal means of addressing those needs – see where I’m going with this?  Well, neither do I!  ;-D  But, I’m sure that as we continue these meetings over the course of the next few weeks, a lot of this will begin to crystallize – at least that is the hope 😀

And this is perhaps the basis (at least partially) for those natural asymptotes; So that we would continue to learn,  continue to find challenges and experience the exhilaration on surmounting them!  (Only to find more challenges, …)


2 comments on “Mad hatter

  1. Salima Mulji says:

    Brilliant!!!!! I am just amazed at your thought process. How can you put your thoughts so eloquently on paper?? I have one question:
    What does “asymptote” mean???

  2. bkarim says:

    Muljima you are simply super kind and super humble!!! Thanks for these wonderful comments 😀 The secret’s in the muse! ;-D

    Asymptote: basically, if you look at your computer screen and starting from the top-left corner, start drawing a curve (like a U) towards the bottom-right corner of the screen coming really really close to the bottom of the screen but never toucing it. So, the idea is you keep coming closer and closer but never reach that point. Here is a more real definition:

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