Big Bang

Stardate: 11000.3

They say hind sight is 20/20.  Well, here’s putting that to the test.  Sort of.  Here’s the theory, what if we started at the end and moved backwards?  OK, so not quite the advantage of true hind sight from a linear single-history timeline moving backwards.  But, a powerful tool to help with goal-setting, tracking, course-correction, and goal-tweaking!

When I was appointed to the office of Chairperson for IPN, USA – about six months ago (173 days to be precise) – I had little framework by which to gauge just exactly how much my day-to-day life was going to be consumed by this remarkable institution.  Just how many new friends I was going to make along the way.  How much was I going to learn and how many lives was I going to touch.

So, I figured a blog (yeah, Karim 2.0) recording some of these encounters would help me as I look back and also – inshallah – younger volunteers as they look forward to serving humanity through IPN and/or other simimlar institutions.  I hope to record my travels on this exciting adventure and I invite you to join me in my journey through this blog.  I guess, now would be the appropriate point in time to quote HS Shajahan’s words of wisdom: fasten your seatbelt!  😀

PS: Happy New Year!  Hope it is happy, peaceful, and prosperous for all!!


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